Picture Post – Can You Guess the Sentence?

The week 3 Blog Challenge post has to do with images and pictures. Inspired by a student example, found here, I created a “Guess the Sentence” frame. Students, can you guess my sentence? You all know I am no  artist, so hopefully you can figure out what my sentence is!

If you feel inspired, after guessing my sentence, take a stab at creating your own “Guess the Sentence” using a frame and I will post it on this blog when you finish! Have FUN!

26 thoughts on “Picture Post – Can You Guess the Sentence?

    • Wow you guys have been doing a lot in third grade! I think that you are right “I love wind, time, flowers, summer, rain, decorating, cursive and sunshine.” A lot of those things I love to. I would love to see a lot of these and you guys make up your own sentences with drawling, and see if we could try to guess them, now that would be cool!

      • Laura,
        We will be posting the answer to the original picture message today. Check back for the answer!!
        We will be posting our pictures on a new post today if you would like to see them. 🙂
        Mrs. W.

  1. I reckon it says:
    I love Spring time, flowers, sunshine, rain, bees (or butterflies) and green grass amongst the trees.

  2. Hi Everyone,
    Thank you for making such great guesses! Trynyty got it exactly right: I love spring time, flowers, sun, rainbows, and green grass.
    Mrs. W.

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